Anna Peterson

Assistant Professor of History
Koren 202
[email protected]
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Research Related to Sustainability
My research examines the roles midwives, upper-class feminists, and working women played in the development of Norwegian maternity leave from 1880-1940. This work demonstrates the ways in which the Norwegian government was increasingly pressured about demographic, economic, and gender sustainability resulting in more expansive and comprehensive welfare policies for mothers and children. Factors such as war and economic depressions are also looked at in terms of their influence on the creation and expansion of these policies.

Student/Faculty Collaborative Research

  • 2017: The First World War and a Norwegian Immigrant Artist's Cartoons. Student collaborator: Race Fisher

Courses Related to Sustainability

HIST-150: Europe, 1648 to the Present

HIST-239: ST:Comp European Welfare States
HIST-254: Russian History
HIST-351: Top Eur His:Holocaust