Sharing Our Abundance


Food Pantry Donations

Every year the gardeners share their abundance with the local food pantry throughout the summer and into the fall. The food pantry received a variety of produce such as tomatoes, basil, onions and peppers. 

Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl Days

New to Luther's campus in the summer of 2012 was the opportunity for members of the Luther community to enjoy a special treat. Throughout the summer the Luther gardeners  had them bring a bowl to one of the edible landscapes and filled it with mixed greens, spinach, arugula and other salad toppings coming from the campus gardens and local producers. Visitors were also given a bag of greens to take home. 

Squash Giveaway

Squash Giveaway

In October 2012, over 650 pounds of butternut squash were given away to faculty, staff, students and community members as a way to educate the campus about the many ways to use squash as part of a healthy diet. Recipe books were given away and samples of squash bread and roasted squash were available to try. 


Basil Giveaway

Basil from the edible landscapes and campus production gardens was shared with the campus community during the peak of basil season, along with a recipe for pesto to help educate about the edible landscapes and deliciousness of basil in the summertime.