Green Office Certification

What is Green Office Certification?

Green office certification is a way for employees to get recognition for leading a sustainable lifestyle on campus on the job. There are three levels of certification each more rigorous than the previous.

How can I get my office green certified?

There are several steps to getting your office green certified. There are three cumulative levels; the office must become level 1 green certified before becoming level 2 and 3 certified. Once the office is level 1 green certified you may apply to become level 2 green certified and then level 3 green certified. Below are the guidelines for each level.

Note: Green Office Certification can be done on an individual or whole department/administrative office level.  If you would like to pursue just an individual office certification complete the requirements below.  If you are interested in pursuing whole department/administrative office certification you will provide us with the names and emails of your co-workers in the application form and we will send them an email inviting them to participate in the green office certification program.  If 80% of the members of your department/administrative office participate then you will receive full green office certification.

Level 1:

  1. Sign the energy conservation pledge
  2. Fill out the green office certification application form

Level 2: (all of level 1 and the following)

  1. Complete and submit a watt meter worksheet
  2. Submit the Level 2 Submittal Form

Level 3: (all of level 1 and 2 and the following)

  1.  Complete and submit the Involvement Form
  2.  Receive an Office Energy Visit from sustainability.  To request a visit email
  3. Submit the Level 3 Submittal Form


  • Form to checkout a Kill A Watt meter.  Watt meters can also be check out from the library circulation desk for a period of 2 weeks at a time.
  • Instructions for using a Kill A Watt meter

Your application will be reviewed by the sustainability office and you will be contacted regarding the outcome.  If your room is certified green, you will receive a sticker to display on the door of your room and more information about the process.

Current Green Certified Office Statistics:

Green Certified Offices by Department

Current Faculty and Staff Participants


If you would like to see the application form, but are not a part of the Luther community there is a PDF of the application available for your viewing.  Please do not fill this form out and submit it.

If you have any questions/comments, contact:

Dan Bellrichard
Sustainability Coordinator
Valders 372E
563-387-1253 or

Maddie Ford                                                                                                                                                               Sustainability Student Worker



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