Hydropower Plant and Energy Education (1/21)

We took a train from Oslo to Lillehammer and were amazed by the beauty of the journey.  Wow!  Norway sure is a stunningly gorgeous country.

Upon arriving in Lillehammer we hopped in two mini buses and headed to the hydroelectricity plant to learn more about how 98% of Norway’s power is made.  The plant we visited is owned by 25 town municipalities and two counties and employs 950 people.  We got to hop in our buses and go down underground to see how the power is generated.   There was less visible water than we were anticipating (none), but we learned that it enters the plant through large pipes that come down from the top of the mountains.   

Next we hopped in the buses and went out of Lillehammer to an Energy Center that works to educate elementary and high school students about energy.  The center is located in the middle of a family park that is closed in the winter, but bustling in the summer months.  Unlike our amusement parks, this park entertains children and their parents with games and activities that are related to Norwegian fairy tales.  On the way to the energy center we passed Norway’s largest troll (13 meters high). 

We were all thoroughly impressed by the interactive nature of the energy center.  Our presentation began with Adam getting a shower cap full of water dumped on his head, which was quite entertaining.  He didn’t even get too wet!  During our tour we learned about wind, water, biofuels, temperatures, the construction of powerlines and the production of hydroelectricity and it was all done through videos, games and other experiences.  I think this type of thing is crucial to have in the United States as we work to educate the population about energy and climate issues.

The first round of Lillehammer photos have been posted.

Luther students at a hydroelectricity plant in Lillehammer.

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