Recycling and Waste

  • Vermicomposting Video

    An past-initiative, vermicomposting at Luther was piloted in 2010 to see how feasible worm composting would be at Luther in the residence halls. Hear from the wormkeepers themselves as they explain the process and rewarding benefits of vermicomposting.

  • Recycling in Winneshiek County

    Curious what happens to your plastic water bottle or other recyclables after you toss them in the recycle bin? Watch this video to find out what the Winneshiek County Recycling Center does with the items it receives!

  • Biodiesel Video 2010

    Kevin Ellingson, who is in charge of biodiesel production at Luther, talks about the process and benefits of using biodiesel instead of regular diesel fuel.

  • Waste Audit

    As part of a class, students performed a waste audit. They searched through the dumpsters at different locations around campus to see what they could find. The trash is sorted to see if there are any recyclables or compostables amongst the trash to see how efficient Luther's waste steam is.