Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council is responsible for voting to recommend policies and programs to the cabinet for approval, approving funding for sustainability grants, and providing feedback on new programs, initiatives, and ideas coming from the task groups. The Campus Sustainability Council is comprised of students, faculty, and staff. Each member of the council will serve on at least one of four sub-groups that will include other members of the Luther community. All task group and sustainability council meetings are open to the campus community.

For group member information and past meeting minutes, see the Sustainability Council Google folder.

2016-17 Sustainability Council Members
John Moeller (Chair, Fall 2016) / Jon Jensen (Chair, Spring 2017)
Brittany Cord - Faculty
Rachel Brummel - Faculty
Joe Madrigal - Faculty
Andy Johnson (Community Member)
Wayne Tudor - Dining Services
Jay Uthoff - Facilities Director
Kris Franzen - Res Life Director
Elena Anderson - Student
Liam Fraser - Student
Isobel Michaud - Student
Shannon Meehan - Student

Task Groups

Student Learning

This committee consists of two groups - one focused on sustainability in the curriculum and the other focused on out of classroom learning. The goal of this group is to encourage education as a way of promoting sustainable practices on campus and in the larger community.

Jeff Wilkerson - Dean's Office
Rachel Brummel - Faculty
Steve Holland - Faculty
Andy Hageman - Faculty
John Moeller (Fall 2016) / Jon Jensen (Spring 2017) - Director, Center for Sustainable Communities

Food, Purchasing, and Waste

As the name implies, this group's main focus is food, purchasing, and waste. Throughout the years this committee has worked with dining services as the 35 percent local food goal was achieved, developed purchasing guidelines for items such as paper and cleaning supplies and worked closely with students looking to make positive change on campus.

Justin Scardina - Dining Services
Joe Madrigal - Faculty
Nick Lauer - Res Life
Terry Buenzow - Winneshiek County Recycling Center
Mark Faldet - Admissions
Wayne Tudor - Dining Services
Giles Teslow - Facilities
Caleb Timp - Dining Services
Diane Gossman - ITS Staff
Megan Oliver - Zero Waste Educator (student)
Liam Fraser - Zero Waste Educator (student)
Maren Beard - Chair, Center for Sustainable Communities

Energy and Water

The Energy and Water Task Group promotes sustainability by looking at Luther's energy and water usage and seeking ways to reduce the use of these resources

Molly Wilker - Faculty
Isobel Michaud - Student
Leah Benzing - Facilities
Jay Uthoff - Co-Chair, Director of Facilities
Maren Beard - Co-Chair
Craig Mosher - Faculty
Eric Baack - Faculty
Mike Anderson - Staff, Programming
Joseph Kremer - Faculty
Alexis Leum - Student
Nathan Campbell - Student, Energy Educator
Natalie Wade - Student, Energy Educator
Diane Narum - Dining Services
Al Besler - Res Life
Larry Sikkink - ITS
Justin Scardina - Dining Services
Bernarda Kaculete - Student
Wyatt Anians - Student

Land Use

The Land Use Committee is concerned with issues related to the use and management of Luther's 1000 acres and comes together to make decisions and review proposals related to central campus and natural areas.

Eric Runestad (VP for Finance and Administration)
Molly McNicoll (co-chair)
Jay Uthoff (co-chair)
Paul Frana (Facilities)
Perry Halse (Facilities)
Beard (Center for Sustainable Communities)
Jeff Leschensky (Development)
Kirk Larsen (Bio/Science)
Ben Moore (Art/Humanities)
Eric Baack (Bio/ENVS/Science)
John Moeller (Political Science/Social Sci)
Abigail Hughes (Student rep)

Have an Idea?

Propose an idea to the Sustainability Council and its task groups by sending an email to [email protected].