Strategic Imperative III: Connecting Sustainability, Stewardship, and Global Citizenship

This plan provides guidance for plans related to sustainability by connecting it to stewardship and global citizenship. It is also a guideline for future endeavors to ensure they remain close to the College's roots in providing relevant and transformative experiences for students in addition to seeking sustainability through greater efficiencies and new policies in operations while preparing graduates with the skills, knowledge, and experience to lead society in a more sustainable direction.

A task force comprised of students, faculty, staff, regents, and friends of the college worked for 12 months beginning in May 2007 to develop a plan for how Luther College can meet its ACUPCC commitment and other environmental obligations. The strategic plan approved by the Luther Board of Regents in May 2008, Transformed by the Journey: A Sesquicentennial Strategic Plan for Luther College, 2008-12, includes the following goals:

  • Create a Center for Sustainable Communities to be a catalyst for change locally and regionally.
  • Make sustainability a part of every student’s learning experience.
  • Model stewardship and sustainability in all college operations to reduce Luther’s environmental impact and mitigate operational costs.
  • Reduce Luther’s carbon footprint by 50 percent and develop a plan to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Design and implement a campus land-use plan that affirms land stewardship, sustainability, and landscape designer Jens Jensen’s original vision for the Luther campus in 1911.
  • Continue sustainable and strategic enhancements of the plant and facilities with a focus on student learning, energy payback, campus needs, and economic return.