Residence Life

As a residential college, Luther has made promoting sustainability in the daily lives of students crucial to campus life. Take a look at some of the ways students and the Residence Life Department are incorporating sustainability to every day life.

Resources for Events and Involvement

Luther College Sustainability House

In the spirit of Luther College's Sustainability Initiative, this student living/learning campus residence is dedicated to an environmentally, socially, and fiscally sustainable lifestyle. The Luther College Sustainability House residents will develop projects and research to enhance their collective living experience and spread the principals of sustainability to the campus and greater community through outreach and education. 

Residential Hall Worm Composting Program

As of January, 2010 Luther College began their vermicomposting program! Vermicomposting is now in Farwell, Larson, Ylvisaker, Olson, Norby, and Baker Village where a student, known as the worm keeper, is in charge of surveying the composting process.   

Residential Hall ENERGY STAR Appliance Policy

Students play a large role in helping Luther achieve its energy use reduction goals. One way students can help is by purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances for use in their living spaces. The previous link provides more information about goals, power strips, and ENERGY STAR appliances for use in residence halls.

Newsletter now through email

This year Res Life has transitioned the RA Newsletter from being in printed form to being distributed via email. The primary goal with the change in sending out the RA newspaper was paper conservation and reducing the amount of paper that may just get tossed out after perusal. The idea to move to an electronic version had been in the works the last several years but this year we decided to implement it, as it would allow us for the first time to get the newsletter in color and a good way to share pictures of activities happening on campus. Having an electronic paper also gives us the ability to play around with space and the layout of the newsletter; we aren't necessarily limited to a page or two, but we can increase and adjust as we see fit. Overall we have gotten great response from everyone.