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Dorm Labs Upgraded to LCD Monitors

In April, 2011, the computer labs in Brandt, Olson, Ylvisaker, and Farwell were upgraded from CRT monitors to flat-screen LCDs. With these upgrades, all residence hall labs now have this newer, more efficient technology. Aside from the user seeing a clearer, sharper image, this upgrade achieves a 70% in-use energy reduction when compared to the old CRTs. Here is what Energy Star has to say about it.

Double Sided Printing

Double-sided printing is now available in the following spaces. In addition, when replacing new units we are planning on purchasing printers that permit double-sided printing.

  • Library Main Floor Lab
  • Valders 240 Lab
  • Valders 377 GIS Lab
  • Brandt Residence Hall Lab
  • Farwell Residence Hall Lab
  • Language Learning Lab
  • Student Organizational Suite in the Union
  • Jenson- Nobel Hall of Music

Color printing is available in the Library Main Floor Lab. 

LIS used equipment auction

LIS sells used technology equipment via the website at Items may be purchased by anyone, regardless of their affiliation with Luther. Items vary each week and may include PC and Mac laptops and desktops, VCRs, printers and other technology equipment no longer being used on campus. Sale is by bid only.

LIS initiatives

  • In lab computers, monitors shut off after 20 minutes of inactivity, and shut down after 180 minutes. When no one is logged in to the lab computers, they go to standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, providing a 95% power savings as compared to being left idle. 
  • GoPrint was started in 2009 to reduce unnecessary paper usage around campus
  • Recently purchased servers have power supplies that are 90% efficient or better
  • Old CRT monitors were recycled by Midwest Electronic Recovery since county facility no longer accepts electronics from commercial businesses

View all of these initiatives and more sustainability-related information and suggestions within the scope of the LIS department. Get detailed energy saving tips and other information for computers, monitors, video projectors, printing, network and servers, recycling, and more.