Reason Updates - Fall Colors Edition​

This is a "blog/publication" format. It allows you to create ongoing content/news in an organized manner. Note that the teaser images shown on this page should be square and at least 400 pixels wide. Intro text should be unique and not just a copy of the first paragraph of the blog post. Date format should be January 1, 2018.

Learn more: Watch the Attaching Blogs tutorial on YouTube. 

Happy Fall! Before diving into official Reason business, I want to thank you for everything you do to keep our website accurate, relevant, and beautiful. We couldn't do it without you!

Random Reminders

  • Hiding Internal Pages from Search Engines: If you create pages for internal use only, make sure to check the "Ask search engines to ignore this page and the links it contains" radio button. Otherwise, they'll show up in Google and other search engines.
  • Sharing Passwords: Sharing is not caring when it comes to passwords. In Reason, it's especially important, because we track who made what updates. If there is an issue, we will contact the person whose login was used.
  • Updating Assets: If you need to replace an existing file (e.g. a PDF form that changes yearly), it's important to do this by editing the asset that contains the old file and clicking the "Choose a new file..." link. This way, links to the asset don't break.
  • Images in New Website Design:
    • Features are 1200x575 pixels.  
    • We recommend 1200x400 for top images.
    • We show max three images in the sidebar. If you want images to line up with text, use inline images (we can show you how!).
  • Sidebar Content: We have a number of different ways to call attention to specific information or ask users to take a specific action. Learn more on the Sidebar Content page of our Style Guide.
  • Word Docs vs. PDFs: In order to allow most people to be able to view asset content and reduce the risk of modifications, please upload documents in PDF format rather than Word Doc format.  

Issue with Asset Uploads

There is a known issue with Windows computers running Firefox when trying to upload asset files. The solution is to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash®. Click to access the update page. When downloading, make sure to uncheck the McAfee Security Scan Plus toggle. You may also have to restart your browser after installing Adobe Flash.

Website Accessibility

One of the strategic goals for the web content group this year is to ensure that our website is accessible to people with disabilities. As part of this effort, we have created a set of accessibility guidelines for content creators. Please review this carefully. We will also cover in future training sessions. Key items to note: 

  • Always add a good short caption to photos.
  • Use simple, straightforward language.
  • Use headings appropriately (to organize content rather than to highlight content).
  • Make sure there is always a text version of any graphical element.
  • Follow instructions for making PDFs web accessible. 

Training for Students - Part 2

We will be sending out information soon about the next round of training for student workers who help manage the web. Please note that this is required training. Stay tuned!

Web Resources

We are here to assist you with all web-related matters. Feel free to call with questions or enter a helpdesk ticket (instructions here). 

Thanks for reading!