Reason Updates - Welcome Back! Edition

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Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a great summer. Please take a few minutes to review the following information about Reason CMS training, events reminders, web resources.

Reason Training

This fall, we are offering two different Reason classes:

  • Reason 101: For folks who have never received Reason training or feel like they are starting over after being gone for a whole summer.
  • Reason 201: For those of you who have mastered the basics of Reason, but would like a reminder about specific guidelines and learn what other cool things you can do now with the new responsive website design. (For example, the different options for sidebar content.) 

Returning Students: If you manage Reason in your work-study role, you are requiredto attend one of the 201 sessions. 

Here are the upcoming training opportunities:
Click the link to view training details and to register.

Events Calendar Reminders

It's that time of year when many of us are adding upcoming events to our events calendars. Here are a few reminders to help us keep the calendar as clean and useful as possible:

  • Before you add an event, go to the main events calendar to see if the event already exists! If it does and you want to add additional information, please contact the event creator (or us, if it's not clear) and collaborate on the event. 
  • Remember that you can borrow existing events to your site for use in your own calendar.
  • If the event you're adding is only appropriate for your website (e.g. department-specific registration dates and events for a specific group), make sure to mark this event as "Private" in the "Sharing:" setting towards the bottom of the "Adding Event" page.
  • Timeliness is everything. People like to plan ahead! Even if you don't have all the information yet, go ahead and add your events with basic information such as date, location, and topic. Just remember to fill in the details later!
  • Take a look at our Events Guidelines for a good refresher of events dos and don'ts.

Web Resources

We are here to assist you with all web-related matters. Feel free to call with questions or enter a helpdesk ticket (instructions here).