Reason Updates - Thaw Out Edition

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Happy Spring! We'll make this short and sweet to celebrate the decline of winter.

A Few Reminders & Notes

  • If you create events in Reason, please make sure that the event doesn't already exist. The best way to do this is to go to and look at the date of the event. If the event is there, you can borrow the event from the site that created it. This way, we don't end up with duplicates.
  • Many images on the Internet are copyrighted. We cannot use these images on our website without asking permission first and giving credit. Check out the Image Sources page for great places to find legal images.
  • If you need a quick refresher on a specific Reason task (such as borrowing images), check out our video tutorial library

Responsive Design Project Update

The responsive design project is coming along. We're still planning the grand unveiling sometime this spring. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Hyperlinking: Adding relevant links to your content is important for mobile delivery. Learn how to write good hyperlinks
  • Navigation: In order to make our navigation mobile-friendly, we'll be working with site owners to restructure site-level menus (fewer top-level options). Check out the article "Top 10 Information Architecture (IA) Mistakes" for some navigation tips.
  • Feature Images: We're going to have to redo all of our feature images for the wider column size in our new design. So we may be in touch to get original images...

Style Guides and Web Guidelines

Consistency is one of the key features of a user-friendly website. I'd say we do a pretty good job considering that we have 200+ contributors working on! These resources help:

  • Web Style Guide: The definitive guide to Luther website styles.
  • Print Style Guide: Is it email or e-mail? This guide will tell you. (Answer: email) 
  • Web Guidelines: This is a collection of guidelines related to specific types of web content. 

NOTE: Check out the new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines!

Thanks for reading!