Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in calcium absorption and immune health. It is especially important for keeping college students healthy while dealing with a lot of stress. People living in northern states without as much direct sunlight from September to April need to take supplemental vitamin D, because their body can’t make enough from the limited sunlight.

The established Adequate Intake level  for vitamin D is:

  • Birth to age 50 - 200 IU
  • 51-70 - 400 IU
  • 71+ - 600 IU

 Norse Tip!

Vitamin D requirements can vary by skin color. Darker skin tones need more vitamin D than lighter skin tones.

 Other Sources

  • Sunlight - 15 minutes of unprotected (without sunscreen) sun exposure to our arms and face fulfills the required amount of vitamin D.
  • Supplements –  vary in dosage, and there is debate over need. Consider a dosage of 800 IU per day or visit a physician for personalized recommendation.  Most professionals recommend not exceeding 2,000 IU a day.

Vegetarian Sources of Vitamin D

Food Amount IU Vitamin D
Tofu (fortified) 1/5 block 120
Cow’s milk  (fortified) 8 oz 100
Orange juice (fortified) 8 oz 100
Rice milk (fortified) 8 oz 100
Soy milk (fortified) 8 oz 100