January 2020 Scrambler Challenge

The Scrambler - January 2020 Wellness Challenge


January 2nd and runs through January 30th


 Email Vicky Jaeger at [email protected] to sign up by December 31st.

Details, Rules, and Instructions

Current employees are eligible to participate.  The goal is to unscramble as many words as possible by earning letters based on being physically active.

For each 30 minute workout up to 60 minutes, you will be given a letter of the scrambled word. We will tell you how many letters are in the word.

Definition of Workout: “Structured physical activity/exercise outside your normal daily routine”

When the scrambled word has been guessed, the participant moves to the next word. Only one guess per day and there is to be NO guesses until after three letters have been revealed.

Weekends count although they must be reported by Tuesday of the next week in order to count. Minutes do not roll over and if a workout is only 27 minutes, you may NOT round it up. It will be important to stay current on reporting your workout minutes.

If you are reporting several days of letters, you may only have one guess per that reporting day. (i.e. reporting for both Jan. 6-60 and Jan. 7-60 on the same day means you only get ONE guess for those two days since you reported them at the same time).

Report workout minutes to Vicky Jaeger at [email protected] at the end of each day and she will email you a revealed letter (or two).


5 unscrambled words –  coffee or cappuccino from Oneota

7 unscrambled words - movie pass to Fridley Theaters ($8 value)

10 unscrambled words - 2 free car washes ($16 value)

13 unscrambled words - Peace Brunch for two ($29 value)

15 unscrambled words - 60 minute massage ($70 value)

*Prizes do not accumulate, as you move up the scale, you become eligible for a larger prize, but can only get one prize total.  You may choose the one you want the most up to the number of words you unscramble. For example, if you unscramble 13 words you get your choice of any of the prizes except the massage.