2019 Walktoberfest Challenge

WALKtoberfest Challenge

Dates: October 1st through October 31, 2019

Instructions: This challenge is open to all current Luther College employees. The goal is to increase your DAILY step count to 10,000 by the end of the month. Some of you are already there so we challenge you to increase by another two thousand!

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Download the monthly calendar to get started. There are many "daily" challenges as well. Simply draw an "X" through those you complete but don't forget to record your daily steps! You can start at any time during the month but will just have to work harder to complete the goal!

Prizes: At the end of the challenge, you need to turn in your sheets to Vicky Jaeger by November 5th to be eligible for the final drawings. For all of those that have increased their steps to 10,000 a day will have their names put into the drawing three times and if you have increased your steps at least half of what you began with, you will have your name into the drawing twice. If you simply tried and turned in your sheet with what you tried to do, you will be put into the drawing once. We will be giving away ten great prizes!!!

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