January 2019 - Melissa Bothun, Health Services, Administrative Assistant

Melissa Bothun

January 2019 - Melissa Bothun, Health Services, Administrative Assistant

At the start of the new year we caught up with Melissa to ask her thoughts about something on many folks minds this time of year, New Years Resolutions, and how she kept motivated to meet her goals. Here's what she shared.

What are your thoughts about new years resolutions related to health and wellness?  

I think resolutions are great and the first of the year obviously has many people making resolutions but making a "smaller goal" for yourself can make you stick with the resolution/goal and give you the motivation you need to stay on track. Like setting a goal of I am going to lose 10lbs by January 31st and if you meet that before then GREAT then set a new goal and if not by Jan 31st hopefully you met your goal and you can set a new goal for the next month. I have found that small goals are much more achievable and then when you look back at the total amount you lost it is a great feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes I feel new years resolutions are too far fetched, like I am going to lose 50lbs. If you get discouraged it is hard to stay motivated to stay on track.


What helps you stick to your health and wellness goals and to stay motivated?

I love how I feel when I am in shape and eating healthy. I am also a very competitive person so trying to involve myself with another friend to be accountable or like Scramble that is going on now those are total motivators for me to stay motivated. Working out is also a major stress reliever for me so I am pretty regimented about getting a work out in or to get out walking.


What have you learned about health and wellness over the years that you think we all should pay more attention to/do more of/less of/etc?   

It is very easy to get off track and out of shape but it is a killer to get back into shape. I have been a yo yo dieter ever since I graduated college so I have tried alot of stuff but if you can find eating habits that "fit" with you personally you will be much more likely to stick with it. These fade diets are just that fade diets you can't stick them (my personal opinion/experience). It has taken me a long time but I had to find something that fit with my lifestyle and something I could truly do on a daily basis. So I would suggest doing less fade diets but just pay attention to foods that are healthy and you love and you can incorporate into your daily life and you will hopefully be much more likely to stay on track.


Anything else you'd like to share with folks?

No one is perfect and everyone has a bad eating day or as I call it "all wheels fell of the wagon", so if you have a bad day o'well move on and get back on track tomorrow don't let it be bad eating DAYS. You gotta cheat on your eating once in awhile! ha

Two of my favorite sayings are:

"Losing weight and staying healthy is not a future event but a present activity" Autum Calabrese

"You can out eat any exercise" Jillian Michaels