February 2019 - Mark Faldet, Associate Director of Admissions

February 2019 - Mark Faldet, Admissions, Associate Director

We caught up with Mark to learn about his personal philosophy of health and wellness, how it has changed over time, and how he integrates it into the workday. Here is what he had to share.

How has your philosophy of health and wellness changed over the years?

 I use to think that if I stayed active and busy, tried to eat healthy, that I would not have a problem with my health. About 8 years ago I had an issue with my heart. It had been coming on for well over a year.... I thought it was just that I was getting older and had acid reflux. I was wrong, it was a heart issue. I was told by a cardiologist that I should exercise at least 5 days a week. I started running about 30 minutes 6 days a week and cut out  most of the things that are not so healthy in my diet and increased what was healthy. 6 months later I had lost close to 50 lbs. I really had not thought of myself as being overweight...... who knew?


Did your time as an athlete influence that change?

Not so much, as I had wrestled and after I was done with it, I was done. I had on and off done some running of shorter distances, but not on a regular basis.


How do you integrate health and wellness into your workday?   

I basically say that I am running from the devil, as he almost caught me! So now the hour or so of time that I use for exercise is usually the last thing that I will cut from my day. Sometimes early morning... and I am not usually an early morning person, over my noon hour, or right after work, I make it happen.


Is there anything else you'd like to share with folks?

I can not say that I really enjoy exercising, but I did get a good close look at the alternative, so I have figured out a relationship with it that seems to work. Time will tell if it does. You do not have to be obsessed about exercise or your body to to be healthy. Just use good common sense about what is right for you.