Chandra Jennings

Director of the Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program

Chandra leads the wellness program for both employees and students in addition to serving as a faculty member in the HPE department. She merges her roles to create a culture of wellness where health promotion majors and other students have opportunities to become professionally competent leaders in health promotion through hands on experiences and research on campus and in the surrounding community. She holds a B.A. from Luther College in Health and Psychology, a M.S.E. in Health Education, and a Ph.D. in Health Education and Psychology of Physical Activity with a specialization in Public Health from the University of Kansas. Chandra’s prior experiences include faculty positions in Community Health at the University of Maine Farmington and teaching at the University of Kansas; practicum work as a health promotion specialist in the Kansas Department of Health and Environments’ Bureau of Health Promotion and with Healthy Maine Partnerships; and research positions with the KU Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management’s Energy Balance Laboratory on Physical Activity Across the K-12 Curriculum. Chandra serves as an advisory board member and consultant on assessment, program planning, health coaching, and evaluation for private and public wellness and health entities, and presents her research on college student health behaviors at national conferences. She lives in Decorah with her husband and their pets, and enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, gardening, cooking, and watching movies.

Anne Blocker

Nutrition Consultant

Anne Blocker is a registered dietitian nutritionist, diabetes educator, consultant, professional speaker, author, and health coach. Anne’s personal mission is to help people live healthier and happier lives by breaking free of rigid dieting and developing a trusting relationship with food and their bodies. She enjoys helping students use nutrition to enhance physical performance, study better and stay well. Anne's favorite pastimes include walking, spending time with family and friends, photography, reading, gardening, cooking, and traveling. Anne’s personal wellness relies on being active, eating good food, and carving out spiritual time daily.

Vicky Jaeger

Assistant Director of Wellness

Vicky Jaeger manages and provides leadership for recreational services. Vicky loves to be in action and has no one favorite activity. She does Zumba, toning classes, elliptical and bike work at home, racquetball, and roller blades. Her goal is to be a vibrant, healthy old woman!

Jeff Boeke

Adjunct Faculty in HPE