Over 92 percent of Luther College alumni are satisfied with their current job. And job satisfaction is a huge part of wellness! Indeed, we spend a large part of our adult lives in one or more occupations.

Vocational wellness also involves finding a good balance between work and leisure, managing workplace stress, and nurturing relationships with co-workers.  The Wellness Program staff offers a variety of programming to help employees manage stress and build a culture of wellness in the workplace.

The Career Center is a great resource for students and alumni who wish to explore career options.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in and around campus by volunteering with different organizations. Here are some examples, and you can get involved by visiting the Student Activities and Organizations Office:

  • Campus Organizations
    • College Ministries
    • Students Helping out Our Community (SHOC)
    • Alpha Phi Omega
    • Dance Marathon
    • Love Your Melon
    • Habitat for Humanity
  • Off-Campus Opportunities
    • Humane Society
    • United Way
    • Great Strides
    • Mentor with Helping Services for Youth & Families
    • Local Churches
    • Nursing Homes