As a residential college, Luther is a place of intersection. Founded where river, woodland, and prairie meet, we practice joyful stewardship of the resources that surround us... —from Luther's Mission Statement

Understanding the connection between people and the environment is at the heart of environmental wellness. This includes knowing that we are responsible for the quality of the air, water, earth, and man-made structures around us.

There are two ways to view our environment; the one we build, and the one that is natural. 

  • Built Environment: An example of a built environment is your residence hall room, office, a break room, or a study lounge. Here are some suggestions for making the most of these environments to boost your wellbeing.
    • Students, work to keep electronics away from sleeping and studying area (at least an arm's length away)
    • Create "green space" in your room or office by adding plants. Did you know Sustainability and Wellness partner to do free plant giveaways each fall semester?
    • Students, make your residence hall room seem familiar, add pictures of family and friends from home.
    • Employees, enhance the ergonomic set-up of your office for comfort and reduced fatigue/pain by having an Ergonomic Workplace Wellness Assessment today by our wellness staff.
  • Natural Environment: 

The Center for Sustainable Communities leads stewardship on campus, but evidence is all around:

  • Renewable energy
  • Campus gardens
  • Recycling (since 1973!) 
  • Sustainability House