Explore a Group Workshop

Interested in a workshop for your department or team? We can help with that! The Strengths team can provide a workshop on anything from the basics of strengths and what they mean, to to team dynamics, to telling your story in an interview. We can tailor any workshop to meet your particular teams needs and objectives. This is a wonderful opportunity to foster positive and productive conversations that elevate teams and invigorate their goals. Please fill out this form to schedule a Group Workshop. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Here’s how the typical workshop planning goes:

  1. We will meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives for the workshop
  2. We will discern together how many sessions and session length will best fit your groups availability and what you hope to accomplish.
  3. We will come up with the tools, framework, date(s), time(s), and location to host a successful workshop.
  4. Then we will come in and share a fun and meaningful time with your team!

Some typical workshops include:

  • Self- Exploration and understanding your group members better
  • What You Do- How to apply your strengths to your particular tasks and responsibilities within that group
  • Career Exploration- How your strengths might help or explain a career path or how you can be successful in that career
  • Effective Team Dynamics- This workshop is aimed at discovering how people’s strengths interact to form a team and how to be effective collaborators by meeting the needs and celebrating the strengths of each group member
  • Telling Your Story- Finding out how your strengths have had an influence on your everyday life and how to tell your story using your strengths (interview prep, elevator speech, and cover letter preparation)

Here’s an example of a workshop we have done in the past:

The Wellness Director invited us for a faculty and staff strengths presentation around the 2018-2019’s theme of Connect More, Thrive More. We gave them a brief update on what the Strengths Program is currently doing on campus and then dove into the activity. The reflection activity was called ‘What You Do’. They wrote his/her 10 most recurring tasks and responsibilities, then ranked them in order of importance. Next he/she starred the four they do best, circled the four they enjoy the most, and then wrote 0-5 of their strengths at play for that particular task. We encouraged them to share their reflections with their supervisors to foster deeper understanding, appreciation, and engagement in their particular role.