Explore a Classroom Presentation

Hey Faculty! We’d love to explore how we might assist in your course objectives. Whether you’ll be away for a class or want us to join you, we are happy to provide our resources. It is our hope that after an interactive classroom experience with strengths, your students will be better able to articulate the unique ways of thinking, behaving, and decision making. We’ve seen students become more active learners, increase their productivity, and benefit their interactions with fellow students and professors. Please fill out this form to schedule a class presentation. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Here’s how the typical classroom presentation planning goes:

  1. We will meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives for the workshop
  2. We will discern together how many sessions and session length will best suit your class.
  3. We will come up with the tools, framework, date(s), and time(s) to visit your class.
  4. Then we will come in and share a fun and meaningful time with you and your students!

Some typical workshops include:

  • Self- Exploration and understanding your classmates and professor better
  • What You Do- How to apply your strengths as a student in general or how to apply them for a particular upcoming project
  • Career Exploration- How your strengths might help you to understand why you are drawn to particular classes, majors, or careers and how to follow those discoveries and maximize your potential
  • Effective Team Dynamics- This workshop is aimed at discovering how many people’s Strengths interact to form a positive classroom experience and how to create a successful classroom environment
  • Telling Your Story- Finding out how your Strengths have had an influence on your everyday life and how to tell your story using your Strengths (interview prep)

Here’s an example of a classroom presentation we have done in the past:

The Strengths Program was invited into three Religion 101 sections to implement an ‘Effective Team Dynamics’ framework. The objective was to provide students with skills to communicate their potential needs and contributions to the group. Students write out the things they ‘Hate’ and the things they ‘Bring’ from the strengths theme insight cards. The groups share those statements and together develop a team contract in order to celebrate and show respect for how each group member operates.