Meet Your Coaches


Miriam Skrade

Strengths Program Coordinator

    Class of 2004
    Interdisciplinary Individualized major (IIM) 'Kinesiology,' Psychology minor
    Individualization, Activator, Positivity, Relator, Empathy

    "As your coach, I will strive to uncover the most effective way to treat you the way you want to be treated. You are unique and have innate abilities to offer the world. Together we will dive a little deeper and develop your talents into strengths you can depend on. I hope you'll find my smile and excitement for the process keeps you energized as we unwrap the gifts within you. In short time, you'll be amazed at how you'll be able to set your intentions toward what you hope to achieve."

    Miriam grew up in North Dakota and finished high school in Wisconsin. When she moved to Decorah in 2000 for college, she fell in love with the beauty of this region and the vibrancy of the people. After graduating in 2004, marrying her best friend Paul Skrade ’04, and giving birth to their twins, she moved to Ames, IA. There she obtained a Masters of Science in Exercise Psychology and then moved to Galesburg, IL where she was the Head Tennis Coach at Knox College. Miriam and Paul always intended to return to Decorah to pursue their careers and raise their children, Annalise and Daniel, and did so in 2015. Miriam started out as a tennis coach for Luther, but then took over the Luther College Strengths Program in 2017 and has felt privileged to serve the campus in this capacity.

    Lauren Summers

    Peer Mentor/Coach

      Class of 2020
      Nursing major
      Harmony, Developer, Positivity, Empathy, Belief

      "As your coach, I will strive to ease any concerns and find what works best for you by searching for common ground between your life experiences and your strengths. I will encourage and value the growth and potential that can enhance your offerings to the world. I hope that my smiling face and positive attitude will help you enjoy the process of highlighting what makes you the person you are. I’m confident that after our time together you will achieve greater confidence and passion about your strengths!"

      Lauren is originally from Rockford, IL, and is so glad she made the decision to come to Luther. She is currently a senior and working her final semester as a Strengths Assistant. Lauren has been a part of PALS, Choir, Dance Marathon, LSNA, and the Catholic Student Community while at Luther. She enjoys the one-on-one mentoring, classroom presentations, and team workshops in the position because she loves helping others. Lauren looks forward to continuing to use her Strengths knowledge out in the real world. In the future, she plans to become an OB/Labor and Delivery, NICU, or Pediatric nurse either in the Twin Cities, Des Moines, IA, or chasing her dream of living in Nashville, TN. Lauren is very excited for the adventure ahead of her and to continue using her Strengths beyond college!

      Ross Gentry

      Peer Mentor/Coach

        Class of 2021
        Communication Studies major, Nordic Studies minor
        Developer, Empathy, Positivity, Individualization, and Adaptability

        "As your Strengths coach, I will be aware that talking about yourself can be uncomfortable and hard, and I will do my best to help you recognize how unique you truly are. While this may not be easy at first, I will happily assist, encourage, and work with you in whatever way is most helpful for you. You can count on me to be, not only your coach, but your #1 fan as we work to reach your full potential."

        Ross is originally from Manchester, IA, but moved to Decorah in middle school. His freshman year was spent at Marquette University in Milwaukee where he was involved in groups such as Students Taking an Active Role, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the club tennis team, intramural sports, and even participated in one of their plays, “Smokefall”. He looks back on his time at Marquette as time he was able to have new experiences, meet a variety of people, and endure some of life’s challenges. Ross decided to transfer to Luther for its community and down-to-earth nature and is enjoying both. Ross loves meeting new people and has been a part of the Men’s Tennis Team, Orientation Staff, and your Strengths Team while in his first year at Luther College. Aside from those, he is excited to keep trying new activities. He is a communication studies major and nordic studies minor, but he is still working out an answer to the “what do you want to do after you graduate” question. Ross is looking forward to his 2nd year assisting people with Strengths!