Local Shopping Shuttle

The shopping shuttle runs 2-3 times per month, and will take students downtown and to Wal-Mart at no charge to complete their monthly shopping needs. The shuttle will first take students downtown and make a stop.  It will then proceed to Wal-Mart and drop off the remaining students. The driver will wait for roughly an hour, leave with Wal-mart shoppers then stop downtown again and pick up the downtown shoppers. The shuttle then returns to campus.

In order for students to give a choice of buying local and in other places, we are offering shuttles to the south of town. The possible centers for shopping are Quillins (for groceries), Goodwill, TrueValue (for hardware and miscellaneous items), Great Dragon Restaurant and much more. The shuttle will be specified when it goes to these places rather than Wal-mart.

All shopping shuttles are managed and directed by Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success. To find out when shopping shuttles are scheduled, check out the latest edition of The Bulletin or contact the Student Activities Office at [email protected].