Leadership Skills Series

Leadership Skills Series Activities: The following are typical skills development seminars, some of which are offered each semester.

1. Organizational Development

  • Panel presentations by local leaders—city council, school board, non-profits, describing service through governance and volunteer board membership
  • Running effective meetings
  • Team building/ropes course
  • Mini-seminars tailored to student organizational needs
  • Conflict Management within your organization

2. Service to Others

  • Philanthropy and its centrality to a service ethic—Regents and other friends of the college share their experiences
  • Integrity in leadership
  • Presentations in chapel and other presenters and mentors share their own experiences, as well as opportunities and experiences available for students

3. Leadership Skills and Personal Development

  • Developing cultural competencies
  • Presentations describing personal/individual “paths to leadership” and vocational discernment
  • Using strengths to develop their own leadership approach; to learn how to use their strengths in discerning vocational direction and career choice (Strengths Quest instrument)
  • Gender differences in leadership
  • The power of networking to accomplish personal goals
  • Bridging generational differences in workplaces and organizations