Leadership Certificate Program

Certificate Classes: The Leadership Certificate Program

Students who want to work toward a Leadership Certificate will complete and document learning in four areas:

1. Organizational Leadership

  • Serve for at least two semesters in a leadership role with one of the officially recognized student organizations, as an RA, or peer mentor

2. Service to Others

  • Participate in a significant way (over at least two semesters) in a change project in association with a Luther College organization, in Decorah, in another area of the U.S., or in a global community

3. Leadership Skill Building and Education

  • Participate in at least eight Leadership Skills Series events while a student at Luther including StrengthsFinder and Intercultural Development Inventory.

4. Personal Development

  • Develop a plan for his/her own individual learning goals associated with leadership and vocational discernment, and complete the learning activities over his/her time at Luther. 
  • Write a 3-5 page summary related to the three aforementioned areas, describing his/her leadership experiences and development. Complete an online leadership portfolio through Google.