Campus Recreational Sports and Intramurals

Dahl Centennial Union first floor

Recreational Services' goal is to provide effective physical experiences that allow students to take their learning beyond the academic world. The intramural sports program offers individual and team sports, as well as noncompetitive activities.

Career Center

Dahl Centennial Union second floor

The Career Center offers a full range of programs and services to assist students in developing career and life goals. Programs and services include counseling and assessments for choosing a major and career direction, searching and preparing for job shadowing and internships, planning an international experience, building a strong resume and cover letter, preparing for interviews, preparing for a job search and applying for jobs, and/or preparing for graduate school.


Larsen Hall, lower level

The Counseling Service assists students in resolving personal concerns and facilitates interpersonal learning. Short-term individual and group counseling is offered on a confidential basis. Staff refer students to other campus services or to off-campus mental health professionals as appropriate to their needs.

Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success

Dahl Centennial Union first floor

The Luther College Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success provides voice, visibility, and leadership to individuals and groups committed to strengthening campus diversity. It provides advocacy and support for international students, multicultural students, and American students from historically underrepresented groups. The Center’s mission is to promote a deeper appreciation and a greater understanding of the diversity of the individuals that make up our campus. It also strengthens efforts to include multicultural perspectives as part of the tradition of a liberal arts education and advocates for policies that promote inclusion and participation of all members of the community.

Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program

Dahl Centennial Union second floor

The Wellness Program works with the entire college community to provide educational programs regarding a variety of health and wellness topics, focusing on fitness needs for students and employees, as well as general prevention issues.  The program is committed to maintaining a healthy living/learning environment, based on a philosophy of appropriate, responsible, safe, and legal decision-making about personal wellness.

Residence Life

Dahl Centennial Union, first floor

The Residence Life program directly assists students in their learning/living environment, while maintaining safe and attractive facilities for student residents.  As students develop academic competencies, they are also learning how to handle life experiences, often in their first extended time away from home.

Safety and Security

Dahl Centennial Union first floor

The Campus Safety and Security Office is composed of a director of safety and security, five security officers, and two welcome/information center staff members.  The purpose of the office is to provide information and assistance to the campus community and ensure a safe, healthy environment by providing 24/7 security coverage.

Student Activities and College Union

Dahl Centennial Union first floor

The Student Activities program provides students with opportunities to engage in cultural, educational, social, and recreational activities, an integral part of the living/learning community at Luther.  Students develop their talents and abilities in leadership and teamwork through their participation in the Student Activities Council (SAC); numerous student organizations, including interest-based, academic, and service-oriented groups; and a variety of student leadership programs. 

Student Health Service

Larsen Hall lower level

The Health Service and its programs are a support service for the promotion of health and prevention of diseases.  During the academic year physicians and nursing staff maintain regular office hours in an outpatient clinic (Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Student Life Office

Dahl Centennial Union second floor

The Office of Student Life coordinates the efforts of all student life areas to provide a comprehensive co-curricular program and works with faculty, staff, and students to create the best possible environment for student learning.