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Student Organization Guidebook

PDF and Printable version of the '13 - '14 Student Leader Guidebook.

Luther College Mission Statement

In the reforming spirit of Martin Luther, Luther College affirms the liberating power of faith and learning. As people of all backgrounds, we embrace diversity and challenge one another to learn in community, to discern our callings, and to serve with distinction for the common good.

As a college of the church, Luther is rooted in an understanding of grace and freedom that emboldens us in worship, study, and service to seek truth, examine our faith, and care for all God’s people.

As a liberal arts college, Luther is committed to a way of learning that moves us beyond immediate interests and present knowledge into a larger world—an education that disciplines minds and develops whole persons equipped to understand and confront a changing society.

As a residential college, Luther is a place of intersection. Founded where river, woodland, and prairie meet, we practice joyful stewardship of the resources that surround us, and we strive to be a community where students, faculty, and staff are enlivened and transformed by encounters with one another, by the exchange of ideas, and by the life of faith and learning.

Student Activities Office Mission Statement

The student activities program provides students with opportunities to engage in cultural, educational, social and recreational activities, which are an integral part of the living-learning community at Luther.  Students develop their talents and abilities in leadership and teamwork through their participation in:

  • Student Activities Council (SAC).
  • Numerous student organizations, including interest-based, academic and service-oriented groups.
  • The production of the annual yearbook (Pioneer).

The staff, student leaders and student volunteers within the student activities program take pride in creating programming responsive to the needs and interests of the student population.