How to Collect Cash

  1. No cash can be mailed in the SPO for student organization purposes (dues, t-shirt purchasing, etc).
    1. Checks are acceptable.
      1. If mailing a check to Office of Financial Service (OFS) for deposit, the following information must be included: Name of person making the deposit, ID#, SPO#, amount of cash, name of the account and account number, and a brief description of the deposit. If any of this information is missing the deposit will not be processed.
  1. Three options are available for collecting cash within a student organization.
    1. Directly giving cash to the appropriate person in the student organization (preferred method).
      1. Student organizations arrange the best way to do this.
    2. Directly depositing cash at OFS.
      1. Deposits must be made using the deposit form. Deposit forms can be found at OFS or in the Student Organizational Suite (SOS).
      2. Required information includes: name of person bringing the deposit, ID#, SPO#, amount of cash, name of the account and the account number and a brief description of the deposit.
        1. Deposits will not be accepted if any of this information is missing.
        2. Account names and numbers are given to members by the student organization leaders. OFS will not look up any account information at the time of depositing.
    3. Drop it off at the deposit slot on the second floor of Dahl Centennial Union.
      1. Cash must be placed in a sealed envelope with required information written on the envelope.
      2. Envelopes are located in the envelope drawer of the deposit slot and provided by the Student Activities Office.
      3. Required information includes: Name of person bringing deposit, organization name, amount of cash, brief description of the deposit.
      4. Organization leaders receive an email when they have money to pick up.
      5. Student organizations retrieve cash by arranging a time with the Coordinator of Student Organizations on Tuesdays between 9:30 and 10:30 am
      6. If cash is deposited without an envelope it will be held for 90 days for someone to claim. If it goes unclaimed it will be deposited into the Student Activities Office account.