On-Campus Accounts

On-campus accounts

Recognized student organizations are eligible for an on-campus account pending approval from the Office of Financial Services (OFS). Student organization advisors and officers will need to complete the Request for Student Agency Account form which is available in the Office of Financial Services. Advisors will be able to request funds from the account and will receive all budget reports for the account. 

There are two types of account numbers on the Luther Campus, the Datatel number and the CBORD number. The Datatel number (xx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) is created by the Office of Financial Services. The CBORD (xxx-xxxxx) number is created by the Dining Services Office. Use the CBORD number in the Document Center, Book Shop, or any dining services facility. The Datatel number is used for items such as check requests or petty cash boxes. Questions on which number to use can be directed to OFS or the area where the transaction is taking place.

Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Annual Procedures Required
    • Each July 1 all agency accounts will be inactivated in the general ledger; payments and receipts can get posted to them.
    • By September 1, student organizations that wish to activate their agency accounts must:
      1. Fill out the Student Organization Yearly Update Form.
      2. Fill out the Office for Financial Services Student Agency Account Form (available in the Office of Financial Services).  Return to the Office for Financial Services.
  2. Payment vouchers and invoices must be approved for payment by the advisor of the student organization.
  3. The advisor is able to view financial information for the student organization online at norsehub.luther.edu. The advisor can request that the officers of the group also have access to this online information.
  4. Student agency accounts that have not had any activity for two or more years will have their fund balance transferred to the Luther College Annual Fund.
  5. If any student agency account is overspent at May 31 of each year, the balance will be processed as follows:
    • The department assuming responsibility for the student organization will have their budget charged for the excess.
    • Student officers who signed the Office for Financial Services Student Agency Account form acknowledging responsibility will have their student receivable account charged for the excess.

To review the entire policy see the "Student Organizations" policy.