Advertising on Campus

Please see the Advertising Guidelines in the Student Handbook for all policies related to advertising on campus.

Union Easel

Promote your event using an easel in Dahl Centennial Union. Details and an online reservation form are found on the Easel Reservation page.


Post your announcement on one of the many Facebook pages for the Luther community. For more information about Luther College groups, check out the listing of Facebook pages and groups at Luther College.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is published for the Luther Community by the Campus Programming Office every Tuesday and Friday when classes are in session.

  • Copy deadline: 12 noon Monday for Tuesday's edition, 12 noon Thursday for Friday's edition. Each announcement will be run a maximum of two times. Word limit: 75
  • Email: The Bulletin.

Luther College Calendar of Events

Get a date for your event on Luther's calendar by submitting the Academic Year Campus Event Request Form, contacting Megan Pitz at extension #1291, if you have questions. Exploring the Calendar of Events will also assist you in selecting potential dates.

Digital Signs

It is possible to have event information placed on various digital signs on campus. The best way to provide information is to produce a JPG file containing what you'd like displayed and email it with an explanation of your request. We recommend the following digital signs:

Blog Announcement

Many departments maintain blogs and communicate events happening related to their specific area. If you provide an announcement it is quite likely they will post it. Here are some known blogs in different departments and offices on campus:

Email Majors and Minors

Department heads are often willing to send email announcements to all majors and minors for relevant events. Craft a draft message for them and it has an even better possibility of being sent.

Announcement in Class

Some professors would be willing to let you make an announcement prior to class starting. You can either ask professors teaching the classes you're taking for permission to do this or ask professors teaching a course related to your events subject.

SPO Information

Advertisement must be approved (stamped) by the Student Activities Office and should be given to the Mail Center a couple of business days before they are to be sent. The advertisement can't be smaller than 3.5 x 5. 2400 pieces are needed to cover all SPO boxes.

Napkin Holders

Reservations to advertise using the napkin holders in the Caf should be made as far in advance as possible. They are typically reserved for a one week period starting on a Sunday. To find out when advertising is available or to make a reservation, call Dining Services at 563-387-1030.

Stall Posters

Reservations to advertise using the stall announcement boards in the Dahl Centennial Union bathrooms should be made at least 2 weeks in advance. They may be reserved for a one week period starting on a Monday. 14 portrait style posters (8x11) must be turned in to the Student Activities Office the Friday morning of the week prior to the reservation. To make a reservation, fill out the stall posters reservation form

Put up Posters

Student organizations can print posters on the plotter printer in the Document Center. The cost is $3/sq. foot for regular paper and $4/sq. foot for Tyvek paper (won't rip). You can calculate your poster cost by multiplying the poster length and width, dividing by 144, then multiplying by $3 or $4, depending on the paper type. Example: a 36in x 42in poster on regular paper would cost $31.50 = ((36x42)/144)*$3

A few friendly reminders for posters or fliers on campus:

  • All advertising in the Union, residential halls, and other academic buildings must have a Student Activities/Residence Life stamp. Obtain the stamp from either office.
  • ONE posting per bulletin board.
  • DO NOT post on windows, doors, or stairwells. Use approved spaces only. (3M Command adhesive must be used to protect finishes unless materials are posted on a bulletin type board.)
  • Some buildings on campus may require additional approval from various offices.
  • In the Union, special permission must be obtained from Jenna Mockler-Gjerde to post on walls. (3M Command adhesive must be used to protect the wall finishes.)
  • Special permission is needed to advertise on Marty's or Oneota tables. Speak with the manager of each location.
  • It is encouraged that you have your fliers or posters stamped prior to duplicating.
  • Don't forget to include vital information on your fliers or posters such as date, time, location of event, and the sponsoring organization.

If you have questions please ask someone in the Student Activities Office or in the Residence Life Office.

Where and How to Poster on Campus

  • Union - Two bulletin boards near Mail Center/SPO, 1 Bulletin board near Oneota Market, 2 small bulletin boards near computer kiosks, bulletin boards on north and south ends of ground hallway.
  • Main - Large bulletin board outside Main 12, small boards near 1st floor classrooms, and on ground (labeled Campus Events) may have one stamped item.
  • Olin - Stamped items may go on the kiosk on 1st floor, bulletin boards near north and south entrance.
  • Sampson Hoffland & Valders - Talk to Michelle Einck. She will direct you.
  • Library - Bulletin boards outside main doors, one stamped item per board.
  • Jensen - Talk to Music Office, Room 200 due to limited space.
  • CFA - Talk to Alice Palmer in Room 103 or leave one copy for her to post.
  • Koren - Stamped fliers may be hung on 1st floor near west entrance. For posting on 3rd floor see Chelle Meyer in Room 323.
  • Regents Center - Stamped fliers may be hung between varsity locker rooms, by classroom 218, and near the info desk in south lobby.
  • Residence Halls:
    • Brandt - Up to 9 copies may be dropped off at service center for RA's to post.
    • Ylvisaker - Up to 3 copies may be dropped off at service center for RA's to post.
    • Farwell - May hang on boards labeled "information" near 1st floor and bridge elevators.
    • Towers - May hang on general posting boards in bridge and on ground level.
    • Larsen/Olson - Ask the Olson service center.