Keep It Going (The Conversation)

Keep it Going (the conversation) was established in the fall of 2014. It is a movement designed by students and student organizations to encourage respectful discussions to better the Luther community.

It is the responsibility of co-sponsoring student organizations of Keep it Going to encourage unique and innovative programs; to coordinate cross-campus collaboration and resource sharing; and to help facilitate conversations about race, privilege and how to be civil to one another. It is the goal of Keep it Going to start conversations about these difficult topics.

Keep it Going Events

Heat of Night Center Stage Series post performance panel discussing race, privilege, and civility. (October, 2014)

Sponsors: PAC, College Ministries, Black Student Union, Model UN, Speech & Debate, PRIDE, Council for Exceptional Children, Philosophy Society, Hola-Enlaces, Diversity Center, and Campus Programming

Boys to Men panel on International Men's Day discussing men and the roles they play in society. (November, 2014)

Sponsors: Clamoring for Change class, LC Fems, BSU, Men's Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Zetas, PAC, and Diversity Center

Dear White People film and discussion panel discussing race, privilege, and civility (January, 2015)

Sponsors: BSU, Zetas, Diversity Center, and SAC Cinema

Bursting the Luther Bubble: Narrating New Normals panel discussing stigmas facing the Gender and Sexual Minorities at Luther.

Sponsors: Student Senate, PRIDE, LC Fems, and Diversity Center


Islamophobia, Education, and Civil Rights  panel reflecting on the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year old Muslim student in Texas. Panelists: Dr. Todd Green, Dr. Jeannette Pillsbury, Belal Krayem, and Makayla Marinack will open conversation around this event and what it means for Luther students. Moderated by Dr. Robert Shedinger

Sponsors: Luther College's Religion Department, APO, Student Senate Interfaith &Muslim Student Association & Allies, Congregational Council, Peace Scholars, Hola-Enlaces, CSC and the Diversity Center.


Racism, Education, and Civil Rights  panel reflecting on the protests and racism at Yale University & Mizzou.  Panelists: Dr. Ron Ferguson, Anna Jeide, Michael Hagstrom, and Pharez Monney will open the conversation by discussing these events and what it means for Luther students. Moderated by Dr. Lauren Anderson

Sponsors: Luther College's Religion Department, BSU, Hola-Enlaces, Congregational Council, Peace Scholars, Top Banana, SPIN, and the Diversity Center.


Keep it Going Learning Objectives

  • Provide education outside of the classroom.
  • Provide students with the proper skills and language for when they leave Luther.
  • Learn how to approach sensitive topic conversations.
  • Actively participate and perpetuate the conversation about race, privilege, and civility.
  • Demonstrate a level of understanding and openness to new opinions.

Any student or student organization interested in sponsoring a Keep it Going initiative should complete this quick form and contact the Coordinator of Student Organizations, Kasey Nikkel.

Everyday the U.S. gets more and more colorful. No matter what a Luther student majors in, they will be working with someone that is of a different race.

—Marlon Henriquez

If you’re not respectful of how someone feels, then you won’t be able to have a conversation.

—Charles Weathers