Student Organization Recognition Process

Thinking of starting a new student organization on campus? There are many great reasons to become formally recognized. Recognized organizations have the ability to reserve space on campus for meetings and events, advertise on campus, use the Student Organization Suite (SOS) resources, fundraise, and utilize the Office of Financial Services (OFS) to monitor funds.

Steps for Organization Recognition

  1. Review Article VIII (Greeks and Other Campus Organizations) of the Student Handbook  that speaks to the advantages and guidelines of becoming a recognized organization. The Student Handbook is available in hard copy from the Student Life Office or online.
  2. Seek a faculty or staff advisor. All recognized student organizations must have an advisor! For social (Greek) organizations see advisor restrictions as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  3. Complete the Intent to Organize Form, submit a Potential Member List (via the Intent to Organize Form or by emailing), and email/share an electronic version (Word or Google doc) of a constitution to [email protected] (Sample Constitution). If you are planning an organization with a national affiliation or that might be popular on other campuses you can search online for related examples. Upon receipt of these forms the group will be provisionally recognized.*
  4. Once the initial paperwork (Intent to Organize Form, Potential Member List, and constitution) is submitted, it will be forwarded to the Leadership Committee of Student Senate for review.
  5. If the Leadership Committee approves your organization, they will forward their recommendation to Student Senate. Student Senate will then discuss the organization and vote whether or not to approve it. Once Student Senate approves an organization it will sent to the Campus Life Committee for official recognition. Due to meeting schedules, it may take several weeks to get your proposal through the approval process.
  6. Upon recognition the Student Activities Office will ask for additional information from your organization. The organization will be required to update its information yearly with the Student Activities Office or risk losing their recognition status.

Student organizations may be provisionally recognized prior to Leadership Committee, Student Senate, and Campus Life approval. The purpose of provisional recognition is to allow for advertising of organizational meetings and securing a room on campus for those meetings. A provisionally recognized group is not allowed to hold any events on campus or advertise on campus for anything other than meetings pertaining to the formation of the organization.