Inter-Greek Council

Luther College Inter-Greek Council

About Us

Inter-Greek Council (IGC) is made up members from each sorority and fraternity on the Luther College campus. Each Greek chapter elects an Inter-Greek Council Representative who attends meetings alongside their respective president once a week. Typically, there are six IGC representatives, six Greek Chapter presidents, and one IGC president in attendance at each IGC meeting.

Inter-Greek Council serves as a liasion between campus administration and Greek Chapters on campus to ensure that all of Greek Life is compliant with campus policies. This council gives each Greek Chapter the opportunity to share events and achievements that have occurred within their own chapter, as well as hear what is being done by other Greek Chapters on campus. 

Inter-Greek Council Members

President: Katie Hendrikson (TDG)
Vice President: Sean Trewin (EXO)
Secretary and Treasurer: Annika Rotto (TDG)
Risk Management: Sean Trewin (EXO)
Member Education: Lydia Nelson (TDG) and Tressa Forrest (XOP)
Greek Week/Special Events: Morgan Benthin (XOP) and Josh Gonzalez (ZTY)
Publicity: Tayler Schmitt (ABY)

Greek Chapter Presidents

Chi Theta Rho (XOP): Morgan Benthin
Alpha Beta Psi (ABY): Tayler Schmitt
Tau Delta Gamma (TDG): Lydia Nelson

Omega Omega Omega (OOO): Abdul El mitshu
Zeta Tau Psi (ZTY): Josh Gonzalez
Sigma Chi Theta (EXO): Sean Trewin