Diversity Representatives

Filiberto Lopez-Garcia

Diversity Representative for Gender and Sexuality & Communications Chair

Filiberto Lopez-Garcia is finishing his senior year as Diversity Representative of gender and sexuality of Student Senate as well as the Communication Chair. He has always had a determination to promote diversity and inclusion of others, he is currently a representative to the Board of Regents for Outreach & Gifts. As part of the LGBTQIA+ community, he has led PRIDE, where he has served as the President. His determination in creating spaces where students can feel excepted has led him to rebranded Hola-Enlaces to Latines Unides and is currently serving as the President of the organization. He is also the VP of Student Activity’s Council and he is working on the Student Brand Task Force for this year.

Rupak Bhatt

Diversity Representative for Gender and Sexuality

    Rupak Bhatt is an economics and philosophy double major from Kathmandu, Nepal. He runs for the Cross Country and Track & Field team at Luther. Rupak has a love-hate relationship with cheesecakes and mathematics.

    Zakithi Nkosi

    Diversity Representative for Race and Ethnicity

      Zakithi Nkosi is a senior management and communication-studies double major from Swaziland. She is involved in a number of student organizations including ISAA, E-CLUB, AMA and NASA and she works on campus at the Digital Media Center. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in either corporate communication or brand strategy in a job that allows her to see more of the world. She wants to one day travel to Asia, specifically Japan and Philippines. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys reading, listening to music & watching series.

      Massi Faqiri

      Diversity Representative for Race and Ethnicity

        Massi Faqiri is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a double major in computer science and management. He is an RA in Olson hall and organizer of TEDxLutherCollege conference. He also works with the Strategic Planning Implementation task force. His goal is to be all eyes for observing the issues, all ears for listening to the community and all voice for the diverse community of Luther College.

        Tiwonge Chirwa

        Diversity Represenative for Culture and Religion

          Tiwonge Chirwa is a senior studying biology. She is originally from Lilongwe, Malawi and a graduate of Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA. She is a Diversity Representative of Culture and Religion in student senate, currently serving in the student leadership committee. On campus she is also involved in the Honor Council, Beta Theta Omega women's organization and she is also a Resident Assistant in the College Apartments.