Funding Criteria

Funding Philosophy

The finance committee endeavors to fund student organizations at Luther College so that they can conduct their mission to the students at Luther College in the most effective way possible. We believe that student organizations require a basic level of funding to effectively operate; once this level of funding is attained, they are able to provide tangible benefits and services to the campus and the community. Finally, these well-run and well-operated Luther organizations can further the ability of their leadership to effectively run the organization by attending activities off-campus.

Organizational Funding Proposal Criteria

Beginning this year, there will be three different categories for funding requests: (1) Funding for Organizational Community, (2) Funding for On-Campus Events and Activities, and (3) Funding for Conferences and Other Off-Campus Activities. Our first priority when looking at requests will be those requests that allow student organizations to operate. A close second priority is helping organizations provide events and activities to the Luther Community. Third will be allowing organizations to attend conferences and other off-campus events that further the goals and missions of the organization.

When applying for funding we ask that organizations abide by the mission and values of Luther College to ensure that requests are appropriate and will not violate any rules set forth by the college and its administration.

Funding Categories

Funding for Organizational Community

Continuity funds are funds that will be used to achieve the core goals and mission of the organization. Put another way, without these funds, the organization would not be able successfully continue its work.

These funds generally cover things like printing or using a college vehicle for an ongoing project. They do not cover food, t-shirts, or anything else that is not directly related to the organization's work.

Some organizations are able to continue their work because they charge membership dues or have very limited expenses. In such cases, organizational continuity funding may be unnecessary.

Funding for On-Campus Events and Activities

These are funds that are being requested to conduct an event or activity on the Luther campus (or, in the case of a service project involving Luther students, in the community).

These applications should be for events/activities that begin during the semester in which funding is being requested, or very early in the upcoming semester.

Funding for Conferences and Other Off-Campus Activities

Student Senate wants to support student organizations in their off-campus endeavors. However, we are cognizant that these events can be very costly. Keeping this in mind, we will fund the cost of up to one-third of such events. However, if the additional funds cannot be raised, Senate expects that the funds are returned in a timely manner.