Student Organization Funding

The semester is off to a great start, and it is time for organizations to request funding for the 2017 Fall semester. This semester we will be awarding up to $10,000 of funding to organizations.

First, though, we would like to encourage all participants in student organizations to be more engaged with the Student Organizational Suite and Student Senate. The Student Organizational Suite provides excellent services to student organizations; however, they cannot provide services to organizations who have not informed them of their new leadership and contact information. Before you apply for funding from Senate, we expect that your organization updates its information. We also encourage all students to engage with Student Senate—we meet weekly during the school year, and our meetings are open to all students to air their comments and concerns. We also have our senate hours in the Student Office Suite from Monday to Fridays. If you don’t make your voice heard, we can’t represent you! All Student Senators are aware of the process in which you can apply for funding.

Funding requests have been divided into three different categories: (1) Funding for Organizational Continuity, (2) Funding for On-Campus Events and Activities, and (3) Funding for Conferences and Other Off-Campus Activities. Our first priority when looking at requests will be those requests that allow student organizations to operate. A close second priority is helping organizations provide events and activities to the Luther community. Third, will be allowing organizations attend conferences and other off-campus events that further their goals and mission.

When applying for funding, we ask that organizations consider the mission and values of Luther College. Please also ensure that requests are appropriate and will not violate any rules or expectations set by the college.

The Finance Committee would especially like to call your attention to the criteria by which we are evaluating proposals so organizations can keep this in mind when they are working on their applications. Here is a link to the criteria. Finally, the online application is available. All applications must be received by Wednesday, Oct 4th midnight. Once the application's submissions are done, leaders will be invited for a mandatory interview. After the Finance Committee review all the applications, organization leaders will receive an email decision informing them the amount of allocated funds.

Should you have any questions, please contact Student Senate Finance Committee.

Claire Hess, Finance Committee Chair/Treasurer
Janet Irankunda, Student Senate President
Miranda Stark, SAC Officer Representative
John Lof, Junior Representative                      Alex Sekora, City Council Representative       Charmaine Neumbo, Brandt Representative