Student Senate Grant Project

Failure to comply with the following guidelines will result in loss of funding and disqualification to apply for Student Senate Grant for one academic year. Applicants may not submit funding applications during the suspension period.

Grant Definition & Purpose

This grant is a one-time scholarship that supports students, who are associated with a certain organization or department on campus, to conduct and implement their projects. The purpose of the Student Senate Grant is to enrich student life and increase student engagement through events and programming, or initiatives that support our academic and cultural life at Luther. This grant is also meant to assist students interested in acquiring practical experiences, which may include workshops, as a foundation for making positive change at Luther. The Student Senate grant may also be used in funding equipment needed to implement events and programming, projects, or initiatives.

Student Senate Finance Committee

The Student Senate Finance Committee will ensure all allocations meet the established guidelines, and will ensure that any allocation abides to the purpose of this fund.

The Committee is comprised of: Claire Hess (Treasurer), Linh Nguyen-Le (Finance Chair), John Lof (Finance Vice Chair Ylvisaker), Erik Nelson (SAC President Representative), and Jack Benson (Senate President).

Funding Overview

Each academic year, the Finance Committee reviews grant applications for student-organized events, panels, or projects that benefit Luther College student body as a whole.

The Finance Committee reserves the right to decide which events, panels or projects to fund and in what amount.


  • Proposals must not exceed two pages. The first page should consist a brief narrative describing the project/event including expected outcomes and impacts. Proposals should demonstrate specifically how the experience will benefit the campus community. The second page will consist the budget summary highlighting anticipated expenses for the project/event. Keep in mind that the Finance Committee can only fund up to $1,000 per proposals.
  • All applicants are expected to comply with all Luther College policies and procedures with regard to use of facilities, alcohol policy, and all other school regulations.
  • Only current enrolled students at Luther College are eligible to apply for the grants. If associated with a certain organization or department on campus, the Finance Committee deserves the right to request the records of account balances.
  • Grant applications associated with Varsity athletics team and music department ensembles are not eligible for this grant. For example, the Finance Committee will not fund helmets for football players.
  • In order to benefit a multitude of students and topical areas, recipients will be considered for Student Senate grant only once during the academic year (October 1, 2017 - April 29, 2018).
  • Proposals must be unique and innovative programming that is different or expands what is offered on campus.
  • Must be appropriate for the academic and cultural community.
  • Proposals that is programming must support for diversity of student experiences, which includes but not limited to cultural experiences, and involves a variety of campus constituencies.
  • The two-pages proposal can be uploaded through the Grant Project Proposal Form.

Grant Restrictions

  • Grants are not awarded retroactively.
  • Grants must not be used as cash awards or awards that can be easily converted to cash.
  • Grants must not be used for gift cards, personal membership fees, or subscription fees.
  • Grants must not be used for gifts of any kind, to any individual, whether or not they are faculty, staff, or students. However this is not meant to include non-cash items of nominal value (less than $35) given under other allowable provisions of these guidelines. For example, it is allowable to give a guest speaker a token for speaking to a student group.


During the academic year, the Finance Committee accepts applications on a rolling basis but no less than four weeks before the event is scheduled. Application starts on October 1, 2017 and ends on April 29, 2018.

Decision Process

The Finance Committee will review and approve applications within two weeks of the application’s submission. Once the applicant receives an email decision from the Finance Committee, the applicant must accept or decline the funding via email within two days.

Final Report

Student recipients of the grant must submit a Final Report form within two weeks of a student group events. This is mandatory and must include the final budget and all receipts/invoices. Money that is not used must come back to Student Senate.