Statement on Executive Order limiting Immigration

On January 27, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that limits the immigration from seven Muslim majority countries and permanently bans refugees from Syria into the United States. While the executive order has been temporarily suspended by federal courts, there continues to be confusion and anxiety around the legal and political implications of the order and the affect it will have on the international community, the country as well as on our student body. But, one thing stands clear, this executive order is in diametric opposition to Luther’s core values.

We categorically condemn the ethos of the executive order and would like to reaffirm our commitment to all students at Luther College. As a community we embrace our fellow students that call these seven areas home and welcome refugees with open arms. If you, friends, or family members are affected, please know that we, as individuals and as an institution, are here to stand up and support you.

We firmly believe that this executive order is fundamentally in conflict with the mission statement of Luther College. Luther’s mission statement is clear, “as people of all backgrounds, we embrace diversity and challenge one another to learn in community, to discern our callings, and to serve with distinction for the common good.” Our students, domestic and abroad, are who make Luther’s community so welcoming, intentional, and empathetic.

Student Senate is currently exploring ways to procedurally and institutionally support our international students during this time. We are actively working with the administration, faculty, and staff to make sure that proper support from the college is being offered.

We call on our fellow students to embrace a life consistent with Luther’s culture and mission of acceptance and love. We, as a college of the church, take our mandate to love our neighbors seriously and ask students to stand up to support our classmates.

Betsy Fawcett '17 Student Senate President
Kyle Knoke '17 Student Senate Vice President
Endorsed by Luther College Student Senate 

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