IGC-Student Senate Statement on Sexual Assault

To the members of our community,

In light of the discussion surrounding allegations of sexual violence on and around our campus, Luther College Student Senate and the Inter-Greek Council are committed to the Luther community and take all allegations of sexual violence seriously.

Luther College Student Senate and the Inter-Greek Council do not condone and will not tolerate any actions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or any form of sexual misconduct against anyone of our community. Serving as a bridge between the Luther College administration and countless organizations across the community, Student Senate and Inter-Greek Council work toward creating and maintaining a safe environment for our community.  Therefore, we call our community to action to prohibit any acts of sexual violence and engage in a survivor-centered atmosphere. We stand by the administration and our fellow students to encourage any survivors of sexual violence to report to the college, college officials, and law enforcement, as survivor-centered communities are important at Luther College.

Student Senate and the Inter-Greek Council stand in solidarity with survivors or those impacted by sexual misconduct. Furthermore, we encourage students who believe they have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment, sex offenses, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence to report incidents to appropriate college and community authorities. If you or someone you know has been impacted by actions of sexual misconduct, we encourage you to seek help from any of the following resources:

Matthew Bills, Title IX Coordinator 563-387-1189 Janet Hunter,  Assistant Dean 563-387-2229
Riverview Center - Decorah* 563-380-3332 Luther Safety and Security   563-387-2111
College Ministries * 563-387-1040 Decorah Police Department 563-382-3667
Counseling Services * 563-387-1375 College Official or RA
Health Services * 563-387-1045
*  Denotes Confidential Reporting Resources

We are here to encourage the safety and prosperity of all students on the Luther College Campus. Incidents of sexual violence can now be reported via form on the Luther College website, found here.

Katie Hendrikson '18 Inter-Greek Council President
Jack Benson '18 Student Senate President

Endorsed by Luther College Student Senate and Inter-Greek Council       

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