Course Topics

MUS 130, 230, 330, 430 Applied Music- Piano

For music majors in varied years of study. Non-majors and music majors in their secondary areas may register for these courses with consent of instructor. Studio seminars may be required. Additional fees will be assessed for these courses.

MUS 273 Chamber Music

Instruction in the literature for small ensembles. Ensembles should be approved by an instructor before registration. Open to all students regardless of major. All ensemble members must be registered. This is a chargeable credit and will count toward the 36 credits for the year.

MUS 446 Performance Practices of the Classical And Early Romantic Periods

A historical study of the interpretation of music based on reading from the letters, diaries, essays, critical reviews, and performance treatises of the period. Seminar format with a substantial performance project. Open to music majors, or by consent of instructor. Offered alternate years.