Course Topics

Private Instruction: Piano (MUS 130, 230, 330, 430)

  • Private Lessons, 1/2 or 1 hour per week for both major and non-major students
  • Includes group performance seminars and technique classes

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Chamber Music

  • Coaching, 1 hour per week for small chamber ensembles
  • Includes chamber music recital performances 

MUS 446: Performance Practices of the Classical and Early Romantic Periods

A historical study of the interpretation of music based on reading from the letters, diaries, essays, critical reviews, and performance treaties of the period. Seminar format with a substantial performance project. Open to music majors, or by consent of instructor. Offered alternate years.

J-Term Study Abroad

  • "Vienna at the Crossroads of Culture and History"
  • "Luther College Symphony Orchestra Residency in Vienna" with Virginia Strauss and Dan Baldwin