Course Topics

GER 101 Elementary German I
The basic structures of German. Students will learn to understand, speak, read, and write German at a beginner's level and gain awareness of the culture of German-speaking countries.

GER 344 German Play
Brief survey of the German drama. Study of several representative modern plays. Emphasis on pronunciation and dramatic expression. Students will write and produce an original German play.

EPL 450 Global Citizenship
This course is designed for students who have lived or spent a semester or more studying abroad. It will enable students to reflect on how their immersion in a foreign culture has affected their values and vocation. By combining practical experiences with scholarly and artistic works, students will a) reflect on the role of culture, b) think about the articulation and application of values in the public sphere, c) explore the relation among politics, economics, culture, and society, and d) develop their own ethical perspectives as "global citizens." There will be a heavy emphasis on writing, group work, and oral presentations.

GER 375 Directed Readings
Students who develop an interest in a specialized area of the discipline for which course offerings are limited may follow a prescribed reading list under the direction of a faculty member with expertise in that area.

FCUL 185 A Richard Wagner-man, myth, music
This course explores the life and works of Richard Wagner. Special focus will be on the literary sources he used as well as on the political, social, and cultural influences on his operas. Some time will be spent on the reactions to his musical works and his writings. Musical performances by students are not a part of this course. Students will be required to view recorded operas outside of class. The operas will be in German with English subtitles.