I have a broad interest in various workplace issues, from worker stress and well-being to personality and job attitudes. My current research typically falls into the following areas:

Work-Life Balance
My primary research interests focus on how people balance work, family, and leisure activities. Although people often think of work, family, and leisure as three separate domains, each has a large influence on the other.

Work Stress and Well-being
I am broadly interested in examining the antecedents and outcomes associated with work stress. For example, what is it about a job that workers find most stressful, and how does this influence their mental and physical health? Furthermore, how does this vary by the type of job one has, the resources available to the worker, and individual personality characteristics?

Unique Populations
The majority of workplace research has focused on full-time organizational employees. However, there are many other populations and  work contexts that are important to understand. For example, farmers, college student employees, self-employed workers, and family business employees represent a few of the populations that I am particularly interested in studying.