Course Topics

PSYC 130 General Psychology
An introduction to the various concepts, theories, and sub-fields within psychology.

PSYC 243 Personality and Individual Differences
Exploration of the major psychological approaches to understanding individual differences in human thinking, feeling, and behavior.

PSYC 349 Research Methods in Psychology
In-depth examination of the ways in which the scientific method is used by psychologists in order to describe, predict, explain, and critically evaluate psychological phenomena.

PSYC 358 Psychology of the Workplace
Exploration of the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, focusing on how psychology can be used in the workplace to improve worker well-being and performance. Topics include personnel selection, job performance, attitudes, motivation, work stress, leadership, and work-life balance.

PSYC 430 Applied Psychology
Overview of the career opportunities for those with undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology. Emphasis placed on the application of psychological theories and research to practical problems in everyday life and various occupational disciplines.