Justin Sprung

I am an Industrial-Organizational psychologist, which means that my research focuses on applying psychological principles to the workplace in order to improve worker well-being and performance. Industrial-Organizational psychology is currently one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States, with opportunities in research / academia as well as applied opportunities in organizational consulting. Therefore, it is an exciting time to be involved in this field of psychology!  

Teaching Philosophy

One of the best features of psychology – and the various disciplines within the field – is that the majority of topics are relevant to everyday life. Regardless of whether or not you are a psychology major, you can benefit a great deal from the concepts you learn in psychology courses. In all of my classes I seek to not only develop students' knowledge about psychological principles, but also encourage students to apply the information they learn in order to enhance their personal and professional experiences.


When I am not educating the great young minds of tomorrow, I enjoy being outside exploring the hiking and biking trails of the Decorah area. I also enjoy maintaining my involvement in farming, as I grew up on a farm and this continues to be a personal interest of mine. Finally, I make it a point to keep up to date on current country music CD and song releases, as I know my students are eager to be informed on country music happenings.


  • Ph.D. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    -Bowling Green State University, 2013
  • M.A. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    -Bowling Green State University, 2011
  • B.A. Psychology
    -University of Northern Iowa, 2009
  • A.A. General Studies
    -North Iowa Area Community College, 2007