2017 Gator "Boots" Duals - Saturday, Dec. 16

2017 Gator 'Boots' Duals - Hosted by Luther College

McGavock High School - 3150 McGavock Pike, Nashville, Tennessee

Admission: $5 per person

Luther Hosting the The Gator Duals/Gator 'Boots' Duals (12 Years):

The Gator Duals in Orlando, Florida (2006-2010); The Gator Duals in New Orleans, Louisiana (2011-12); Gator 'Boots' Duals in Nashville, Tenn. (2013-present).

After visiting Nashville for the first time with his family, Head Coach Dave Mitchell felt Nashville would be an awesome city to host the Gator Duals. No gators were spotted during the visit, so he needed to add something to the title that would make it relevant to the location. The Gator 'Boots' Duals have been held in Nashville since 2013.

The Luther College wrestling team and coach Mitchell would like to thank McGavock High School for once again providing the venue for the 2017 Gator 'Boots' Duals. Coach Mitchell would also like to send a special thank you to Raiders Head Wrestling Coach Paul Douglas for all he has done for this event to continue to take place.

Teams Participating: - Alma College (MI), Baldwin Wallace University (OH), Elmhurst College (IL), Ferrum College (VA), Heidelberg University (OH), Huntingdon College (AL), Lakeland University (WI), Loras College (IA), Luther College (IA), Manchester University (IN) Millikin University (IL), Simpson College (IA), Thomas More College (KY), University of the Ozarks (AR), UW-Oshkosh (WI),

Live Results: Trackwrestling

Schedule/Results (TBA): Wrestling begins at 8:00 a.m. 

Time Mat 1 Mat 2 Mat 3 Mat 4 Mat 5 Mat 6
8:00 a.m. No. 9 Ferrum 32 vs. Manchester 11 (Box Score) Thomas More 28 vs. U of Ozarks 19 (Box Score) Simpson 24 vs. Elmhurst 30 (Box Score) Alma 3 vs. Millikin 45 (Box Score) Ferrum 2  0 vs. Loras 2 51 (Box Score) Exhibition Matches
9:45 a.m. Luther 45 vs. Lakeland 3 (Box Score) Simpson 12 vs. Millikin 44 (Box Score) No. 4 Loras 34 vs. No. 9 Ferrum 7 (Box Score) Elmhurst 29 vs. Heidelberg 14 (Box Score) Millikin 2 22  vs. Baldwin Wallace 2 21 (Box Score) Exhibition Matches
11:30 a.m. Luther 34 vs. Huntingdon 11 (Box Score) UW-Oshkosh 32 vs. Thomas More 9 (Box Score) Alma 33 vs. Lakeland 15 (Box Score) Manchester 7 vs. No. 8 Baldwin Wallace 34 (Box Score) Baldwin Wallace 2 (22) vs. Loras 2 (18) (Box Score) Exhibition Matches
1:15 p.m. Huntingdon 14 vs. Simpson 26 (Box Score) Heidelberg 26 vs. UW-Oshkosh 19 (Box Score) No. 8 Baldwin Wallace 14 vs. No. 4 Loras 19 (Box Score) Lakeland 6 vs. U of Ozarks 44 (Box Score) Ferrum 2 (21) vs. Millikin 2 (28) (Box Score) Exhibition Matches
3:00 p.m. Luther 31 vs. UW-Oshkosh 9 (Box Score) Elmhurst12 vs. No. 9 Ferrum 31 (Box Score) Alma 12 vs. Thomas More 32 (Box Score) No. 4 Loras 37 vs. Manchester 6 (Box Score) Exhibition Matches Exhibition Matches
4:45 p.m. Luther 36 vs. U of Ozarks 8 (Box Score) Heidelberg 35 vs. Huntingdon 11 (Box Score) Millikin 18 vs. No. 8 Baldwin Wallace 19 (Box Score) Exhibition Matches Exhibition Matches Exhibition Matches