Luther College SPOKES is a student led organization on campus for biking enthusiasts! SPOKES helps provide students with the information and knowledge to have safe and fun bike rides in the beautiful trails in Decorah and on the Luther College campus.

SPOKES organizes a rides, both road and mountain biking, in the fall and spring.

SPOKES members also work with the Luther College Sustainability Program in order to enhance student biking experience on campus. We aspire to help make Luther College an even more perfect place to bike!

If you're interested in joining Luther College SPOKES, you only need to send an email to spokes@luther.edu or 'like' our facebook page.

We hope to see you out on the trails! Keep pedaling Luther College!! 

Upcoming Events

  • Winter Bike Storage is November 20th and 21st from 3-6pm at the Ashmore-Jewell Barn (out by Baker Village). Bring your bike during these times for free, safe, and secure storage during the winter. 
  • NEW THIS YEAR! Come participate in a myriad of biking events before winter bike storage led by SPOKES! Complete all (you can miss one event...) and win our honorable award (and a complimentary prize). For more information, please to go this link:https://www.luther.edu/spokes/spokeschallenge/
  • *Thank you to everyone who participated in Alley Cat!* - THIS FALL OCTOBER 3rd is ALLEY CAT, Luther College's Nighttime Scavenger Hunt! to learn more and register, please go to this link:  https://www.luther.edu/spokes/alleycat/

Mission Statement

SPOKES is a road and mountain biking group based at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. We will be organizing weekly group rides, both mountain and road, as well as a number of bicycle maintenance workshops.