Study Abroad

All Spanish majors and minors complete a language immersion experience in order to strengthen their language proficiency and intercultural skills.

Students of Spanish participate in a wide variety of immersion experiences, including a semester or summer of study abroad, a January-Term course in a Spanish-speaking country, or internships in Spanish-speaking environments. Luther students have participated in study abroad programs in many different locations, such as

  • Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, Santiago)
  • Ecuador (Quito, Cuenca)
  • Peru (Lima, Cusco)
  • Chile (Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Santiago)
  • Spain (Valencia, Bilbao, Salamanca, Córdoba)
  • Argentina (Buenos Aires, Córdoba)
  • Mexico (Mérida, Oaxaca)

Through the generosity of Luther alumni donors, students of Spanish have access to scholarship funds to help pay for study abroad and internship experiences.

Visit the Center for Global Learning website for more information on study abroad opportunities.

J-Term Courses

Luther Spanish faculty members lead January-Term study abroad courses annually to locations that include Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.

Read reflections from students of Spanish during their J-term courses here: January 2019 blogs, January 2020 blogs.

Shown on this page are pictures from recent January-Term courses.