Program Philosophy

Learning in a Clinical Setting

As the program director of athletic training, I have been able to integrate my desire to educate young men and women as well as assist them in achieving their athletic goals. The clinical setting provides a unique opportunity to guide the students in the athletic training educational program (ATEP). They apply their knowledge in the hands-on preparation of the athletes under the supervision of a preceptor, using the skills they have developed in the classroom.

In assisting the athletes they also provide a vital role in service to the athletic department and their peers. As the students experience builds they develop a broad base of knowledge including acute care, assessment, modalities, rehabilitation, and administrative concepts. As staff, we are privileged to work with high achieving students in the ATEP. 

Diverse Curriculum

Many of our students are destined for careers in athletic training, medicine, PT, OT, chiropractic, clinical exercise physiology, teaching and coaching. Our objectives are to provide a quality educational experience that prepares them for graduate education or a health care career.

The clinical setting in the ATEP is unique in that the students develop their skills in actual practice with the athletes. They perform skills of taping, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, orthopedic assessment, guide rehabilitation protocols, direct range of motion and strength exercises, and sport specific drills as part of the curriculum.