Course Topics

ATHTR-375: Directed Readings
Students who develop an interest in a specialized area of the discipline for which course offerings are limited may follow a prescribed reading list under the direction of a member of the faculty with expertise in that area.

ATHTR-465: Clin VI: Health Care Admin
This course will provide instruction, practice, and testing of selected athletic training clinical proficiencies. The primary focus will be in the area of health care administration. Students are also required to complete 125 field experience hours supervised by Approved Clinical Instructor.

PE-261: Applied Human Anatomy
A study of the essential features of anatomy with special reference to the principles of structure in the human body. Applications of human anatomy to health, athletic injury, movement and principles of sports skills will be made.

PE-365: Kinesiology
Designed to introduce students to the study of human movement. It will include the identification of planes of motion and the movements possible at the various joints. It will focus on the primary muscles that accomplish each movement and those which serve to assist and stabilize. It will also include the analysis of basic movement patterns such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, and striking.

PE-366: Physiology of Exercise
Designed to provide scientific background and laboratory experience essential for understanding the nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory system responses and adaptation to physical stress.

HLTH-125: Basic Nutrition
An introductory course emphasizing the fundamental and practical aspects of nutrition. This course will include discussion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fluids. The course will also include application of nutrient metabolism principles to dietary recommendations and evaluation.

HLTH-226: Nutr Hlth & Human Perform
An advanced course emphasizing the nutritional aspects of health, fitness, and human physical performance. This course will include discussion of energy substrates, micronutrients, principles of exercise physiology, fluid replacement, dietary planning, and dietary supplements. The course will also include application of nutritional concepts to dietary recommendations, evaluation, and planning.

J-Term Courses

ATHTR-367: Gen Medical and Pharmacology
Designed to expose athletic training students to didactic and clinical education related to general medical conditions and pharmacology. Each student completes a series of observation experiences with local physicians, registered nurse practitioners, and physical therapists. There is one daily lecture in addition to the observation schedule.